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Online rummy cash games reward points

Reward points refer to the additional points you gain through series of cash gameplay. You will receive a certain amount of the cash you play for as reward points. The more you play games, the more reward points you get. RP’s depend on the amount you spend a game. For example:

  • If you play for Rs.25, you will receive 1 reward point (RP)
  • For example, If you play for Rs.50, you will receive 2 RP’s when the game is done.

Reward points can be used in tournaments, as bonus and one can redeem their rewards points into cash. You can now convert your reward points into real cash. Based on the reward points you own and maintain, you will be allotted to a level. The reward points you own and the level you will be in are as follows:

1. Joker - When a player has accumulated 0-80 RPs, he/she will be in Joker level

2. Club - A player will be in the Club level when he/she has accumulated 81-600 Reward Points.

3. Diamond - When a player has 601-2000 RPs, he/she will be in the Diamond level.

4. Heart - 2001-5000 RPs will place a player in the heart level.

5. Spade - When a player has 5001-10000 Reward Points, he/she will be placed in the Spade level.

It is important for one to remember that there is a validity period for every level. The user must continue surfing higher into new levels. If the user is stagnant or is not moving to another level, he/she will be demoted to the previous level. This boosts the competitive spirit of the players.

The validity period of each level is as follows:

1. Joker - When one is in the Joker level, there will be no validity period for the player. He/she can play in their leisure.

2. Club - When a player is in the Club level, he/she must move to the next level within 30 days. When he/she fails to do so, they will be demoted to the previous level, i.e., the joker level.

3. Diamond - When a player is in the diamond level, they will have a validity period of 45 days, after which they will be demoted to the Club level.

4. Heart - If the player fails to move to the next level from the Heart level within 60 days, he/she will be back in the Diamond level.

5. Spade - A validity period of 90 days will be prevalent in the spade level. The user must be consistent in acquiring reward points to avoid going back to the heart level.

*Players from Telangana, Assam and Odisha are not allowed to play online rummy for prizes. Know more...