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Online & Offline Rummy

Everybody knows about Offline Rummy, traditional rummy but online rummy is what rummy players are obsessed with.

Online rummy offers plenty of advantages and you will be happy to be part of one of the online rummy games. Here, we have listed down why you shall play rummy online and why at Mister Rummy.

  • Awesome Convenience - You are part of the game 24/7. You can play anytime you want, as per your convenience.
  • Easy Time Management - Offline rummy may go a bit longer due to no time management practices whereas online rummy is all about fixed time. So, there is no waste of time for you. You can take part in the game and it gets finished soon too.
  • Win Money Like Never Before - You can win as much money as you would like to.
  • No possibility of cheating - In offline rummy, there can be possibilities of cheating but in online rummy there can be no such possibilities (Mister rummy is secured and uses robust system to ensure that there is cheating of any kind).
  • Play anonymously (if you prefer) - Players can play anonymously if they want at Mister Rummy. This is not possible in offline rummy.
  • Play on the go -Using our mobile application, you can play on the go. No time constraints.