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May Leaderboard

MAY Weekly Knockout

Weeks, months and years flip faster than ever but WEEKLY KNOCK-OUT LEADERBOARD makes every week in a month remarkable and the winning moment is cherished not just for a year but forever. MAY Weekly Knock out has rolled with exciting rewards, make every week a winning story. Start your game now...

Weekly knock-out Leaderboard MAY - 2020

The leaderboard will be started at 12:00:00am (mid-night) on 1st MAY 2020 and ends at 11:59:59 pm on 7th MAY 2020, second week starts from 8th MAY 2020 12:00:00 am (mid-night)to 14th MAY 2020 11:59:59 pm, third week starts from 15th MAY 2020 12:00:00 am (mid-night) to 21st MAY 2020 11:59:59 pm. and last week starts from 22nd MAY 2020 12:00:00 am (mid-night) to 28th MAY 2020 11:59:59 pm.

Guidelines to Weekly knockout leader board contest
  • On depositing minimum amount of Rs.500/- the player is entitled to play only for that particular WEEKLY KNOCK-OUT LEADERBOARD contest. If the same player intends to participate in consecutive weekly knock-out contests, he/she must redeposit Rs.500/- to continue playing as per the above schedule duration list.
  • The weekly table becomes static on the last day of every week at 11:59:59 PM of the proposed duration.
  • The winners for the first weekly will be declared. i.e Top 20 players of the week are rewarded depending on RP scores of the players, confined to that particular week.
  • On successful completion of the first weekly contest, we make an immediate announcement for SECOND WEEKLY KNOCKOUT and the points will be refreshed every week according to the weekly schedule before starting every new weekly knock out leaderboard contest (per week).
  • Again the end of the contest duration second weekly knock out winners will be announced, points are refreshed and similar process is follow to consecutive weeks till the last weekly of the month i.e 28-05-2020 (11:59:59PM).
  • Firstly login or signup into our Mister Rummy account.
  • Go to my account and click on deposit cash option or directly click on add cash button which will be present in the header.
  • Deposit minimum amount of ₹ 500/- in the account.
  • On successfully completing the payment process, cash is immediately credited into the User account.
  • The validity of the weekly knock-out leaderboards will be expired after completion of that particular week and the top 20 winners data will be saved. This process will continue by freshly starting the second weekly knockout leaderboard contest.
  • Winners are announced basing on their RP scores confined to that particular week only.
  • RP scores cannot carry forward to consecutive weeks. Every Weekly contest the players RP scores refreshed and consider confined to the current gameplay.
  • Weekly Knock-Out Leaderboard : 01-05-2020 to 07-05-2020, 08-05-2020 to 14-05-2020, 15-05-2020 to 21-05-2020, 22-05-2020 to 28-05-2020
  • Minimum Deposit : ₹ 500
  • Winners : 20
  • Prizes worth : ₹ 75,000/- (Per Week)
Rank Prize
2 VIVO U20
3 Sony WH-XB700
4 Amazon Gift Voucher
5 Amazon Gift Voucher
6 ₹ 4000/- Cash
7 ₹ 3750/- Cash
8 ₹ 3500/- Cash
9 ₹ 3250/- Cash
10 ₹ 3000/- Cash
11 ₹ 2750/- Cash
12 ₹ 2500/- Cash
13 ₹ 2250/- Cash
14 ₹ 2000/- Cash
15 ₹ 1750/- Cash
16 ₹ 1500/- Cash
17 ₹ 1250/- Cash
18 ₹ 1000/- Cash
19 ₹ 750/- Cash
20 ₹ 500/- Cash

Note: All Cash prizes are credited ‘Mister Rummy Deposit Wallet’.

Terms and Conditions
  • On identifying any players violating or manipulating the Mister Rummy terms of services or indulged in any kind of fraudster activities to win the leaderboard contest by creating multiple ids etc. We take immediate action to verify and terminate the user account on proving guilty under the act of involvement in fraudster /illegal activities. Any kinds of money transaction or withdrawal processes associated with that particular user account will ceased from further usage.
  • The minimum amount a player should deposit to be a part of WEEKLY KNOCK-OUT LEADERBOARD is ₹ 500/- .
  • There is no maximum limit for cash deposit.
  • The leaderboard will be expired every week and restart with a new leaderboard contest confine to a particular week.
  • The points will be refreshed every week before starting a fresh weekly contest.
  • The user will be eligible to play a leaderboard contest only after the cash is deposited.
  • Unfair games or methods are strictly prohibited.
  • “Standard mister rummy terms and conditions are applicable”.


It is not a prank, acomplete awesome offer to kick start your month.MAJESTIC MAY LEADERBOARD is the best way to trigger back your happiness and win a chance to own KTM DUKE 200 bike & exciting reward worth Rs.7,00,000/-. Players are you ready to put forward your best rummy skills? Hurry up! Don't miss the awesome chance, mark your presence now...

  • Login or sign in into mister rummy account.
  • Go to my account and click on deposit option or else directly click on add cash option which is placed at header.
  • Deposit minimum amount of Rs.1000/- at single time and be part of MAJESTIC MAY LEADERBOARD.
  • Offer starts on 1st MAY at 12:00AM and ends on 30th MAY 2020 at 11:59:59PM. During this given time frame the players can deposit the amount anytime on or before the give schedule, to avail the complete benefits associated with leaderboard contest.
  • The cash payments are accepted through any given mode of payments via Paytm, Credit Card, Debit Card etc.
Validity & Guidelines:

MAJESTIC MAY LEADERBOARD will be live from MAY 1st to MAY 30th 2020

Eligibility: Player can participate in the MAJESTIC MAY LEADERBOARD contest only on depositing a minimum amount of Rs.1000/- (single time payment)

Top 50 List: Player can reach the Top 50 players List in the leaderboard contest by increasing their RP Scores confined to a particular monthly leaderboard contest.

e.g Higher the RP scores in the particular monthly leaderboard contest gives the players a chance to scale to top of the list and win the rewards accordingly.

  • MAJESTIC MAY LEADERBOARD: 01-05-2020 to 30-05-2020.
  • Minimum Deposit : ₹ 1000/-
  • Winners : 50
  • Prizes Worth up to : ₹ 7,00,000/-(Total)
Rank Prize
1 KTM DUKE 200 bike
2.Apple iphone 11
4.SAMSUNG Galaxy A71
5.JBL Bar 2.1 Sound bar
6.Amazon Gift Voucher Worth ₹ 15,000/-
7.Amazon Gift Voucher Worth ₹ 14,500/-
8.Amazon Gift Voucher Worth ₹ 14,000/-
9.Amazon Gift Voucher Worth ₹ 13,500/-
10.Amazon Gift Voucher Worth ₹ 13,000/-
11thAmazon Gift Voucher Worth ₹ 12,500/-
12thAmazon Gift Voucher Worth ₹ 12,000/-
13thAmazon Gift Voucher Worth ₹ 11,500/-
14th₹ 11,000/- Cash
15th₹ 10,750/- Cash
16th₹ 10,500/- Cash
17th₹ 10,250/- Cash
18th₹ 10,000/- Cash
19th₹ 9,750/- Cash
20th₹ 9,500/- Cash
21st₹ 9,250/- Cash
22nd₹ 9,000/- Cash
23rd₹ 8,750/- Cash
24th₹ 8,500/- Cash
25th₹ 8,250/- Cash
26th₹ 8,000/- Cash
27th ₹ 7,750/- Cash
28th₹ 7,500/- Cash
29th₹ 7,250/- Cash
30th₹ 7,000/- Cash
31st ₹ 6,750/- Cash
32nd₹ 6,500/- Cash
33rd₹ 6,250/- Cash
34th₹ 6,000/- Cash
35th₹ 5,750/- Cash
36th₹ 5,500/- Cash
37th₹ 5,250/- Cash
38th₹ 5,000/- Cash
39th₹ 4,750/- Cash
40th₹ 4,500/- Cash
41st₹ 4,250/- Cash
42nd₹ 4,000/- Cash
43rd₹ 3,750/- Cash
44th₹ 3,500/- Cash
45th₹ 3,250/- Cash
46th₹ 3,000/- Cash
47th₹ 2,750/- Cash
48th₹ 2,500/- Cash
49th₹ 2,250/- Cash
50th₹ 2,000/- Cash

Note: All Cash prizes are credited ‘Mister Rummy Deposit Wallet’.

Terms and Conditions :
  • If we find any of the players violate or manipulate the leaderboard by creating multiple ids, we take an immediate action byceasing the playerscash account and also disable the user account from Mister Rummy website.
  • The entire amount should be paid at single time deposit.The amount cannot be paid in instalments.
  • User can avail the offer only on depositing the minimum amount specific to the Leaderboard contest.
  • The leaderboard will be live until MAY 30th 11:59:59 PM.
  • After MAY 30th, the offer will not be applicable on any deposits.
  • Players from rummy banned states are requested not to participate in the Leaderboard contests.If any player from rummy banned states make an effort to reach the top 50 players list, he/she will not be entitled to claim the winning cash/ reward on the actof violating Mister rummy terms.
  • Unfair games or methods are strictly prohibited.
  • “Standard mister rummy terms and conditions are applicable”.