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Diwali Leaderboard


Play rummy daily and get a chance to win exciting prizes-Diwali Mega Leaderboard

Mister Rummy brings you its very first cash leaderboard to make your Diwali more special. You will get a chance to win prizes worth ₹ 50 lakhs during Diwali. Be a member of the Daily and Diwali Mega Leaderboard and prizes. Playing rummy and winning great prizes is always exciting. After the success of Practice.Play.Win free Leaderboard. Mister Rummy is allowing you to win again big and more. The leader board is introduced to make the rummy players challenging and competitive and at the end of the day, make the best player as winners.

To be on the top of the Diwali Mega Leaderboard, all you have to do is what you love more, i.e. Play rummy and be on top of the Leaderboard.

You can be a part of daily and Diwali Mega Leaderboard, for that you have to make the required minimum deposit and play cash rummy game and earn more reward points. Diwali special leaderboard offers excellent prizes such as electronic gadgets, gold coins, cash prizes and many more. Every day you will get a chance to win something new and win. The leader board will be changing periodically according to the offers, festivals, and occasions. Now, the October leader board is on life, which is categorized into 2 types

  • Daily
  • Diwali
How it works:

Firstly, you have to make the required deposit to be a part of the Leaderboard for example for Daily Pataka Leaderboard you have to make a minimum deposit of ₹ 100/- and you will be on that Leaderboard.

Players will be on the Leaderboard based on their ranking, a player with more Reward Points will be on the top of the Leaderboard. If a player is depositing ₹ 1000/- then the player can be on both the leaderboard daily and Diwali Mega.

Every time you play cash games, your reward points will be calculated. More the reward points, the higher your position will be on the Leaderboard. To know how your reward points are calculated Click here!

For Daily Pataka Leaderboard, after 24 hours, i.e. (from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm), your reward points will be reset to zero, and it will not carry forward to the next day. Again, it will start from zero.

For Diwali Mega Leaderboard, it will start on 21st Oct at 12:00 am and will continue till 30th Oct 11:59 pm. Winners will be announced the next day.

  • Daily Pataka Leaderboard: to be on the Leaderboard, the player has to make a minimum deposit of ₹ 100/- and play cash games to earn reward points.
  • Diwali Mega Leaderboard: To be on Diwali mega Leaderboard, a player has to make a minimum deposit of ₹ 1000/- and play cash rummy games.

The minimum amount of ₹ 100/- should be deposit by the player daily for 10 days. The points will be refreshed every day without carrying the previous day's reward points. And the daily leader board starts to the player only after depositing the amount until then the player will not be eligible to the leader board. The leader board will be refreshed statically every day at 11: 59: 59 PM.

The leader board will be live from 21-10-2019 to 24-10-2019. The daily deposit will be ₹ 100 rupees minimum, and the number of winners will be 10 members according to the reward points they gained in those 10 days of the leader board. The top 10 players with the highest reward points will be considered as the winners of the daily leader board. The total prizes worth ₹ 1,00,000/- rupees.

The daily leader board is again scheduled in 2 categorizes the second daily schedule starts from 24-10-2019 to 30-10-2019, which also comes under the daily deposit of amount ₹ 100/- rupees minimum up to 10 days. Here in the second schedule, the number of winners is increased up to 25. The top 25 members are considered winners and win their prizes. In the second daily schedule prizes, the worth is ₹ 2,50,000/- rupees.


To get eligibility into the Diwali leader board the player should deposit ₹ 1000/- at a single time within those 10 days before the Diwali leader board ends then the player will get eligibility in the Diwali leader board. Here the player's reward points will be calculated daily statically after depositing of amount in the game app.

The Diwali leader board will become static automatically on the last day of the proposed duration scheduled which is on 30-10-2019. The player will get eligibility criteria in Diwali leader board only after depositing amount and then he/she can start playing.

Diwali leader board table is scheduled from 21-10-2019 to 30-10-2019 the player can deposit amount at a single time in these days. The top 100 players with highest reward points are considered as winners and will win exciting prizes according to the reward points gained by them in those 10 days live. The total prizes worth is ₹ 10,00,000/- rupees.

The players eligible in the Diwali leader board can also be part of the daily leader board by depositing daily amount of ₹ 100 up to 10 days and can win prizes in both the leader boards according to the reward points they gain in those 10 days by playing rummy cash games and tournaments.

Rank Username Points Prize
1 ravi 8558 Royal Enfield Classic 350
2 jenny 8414 iPhone 11 pro
3 ruchit 7459 Samsung A80
4 booma 5050 Sony PS4 Pro
5 parvez 4313 Red Mi k20
6 jaspreet56 3984 Sony RT3 Home Theatre
7 satyadvsingh 3947 Samsung M30
8 swati 3825 Oppo A7
9 surgyan 3769 Amazon Echo
10 santosh 3751 Microwave
11 krishnanand 3741 Amaze Fit
12 pappub 3684 Amaze Fit
13 anasuya 3604 Amaze Fit
14 ghanshyam 3585 Amaze Fit
15 jaspreet34 3574 Amaze Fit
16 sunilchopra 3558 Amaze Fit
17 lilaram 3551 Amaze Fit
18 aftab 3532 Amaze Fit
19 rajeetingh 3530 Amaze Fit
20 dimpal 3521 Amaze Fit
21 jasvindersingh 3510 JBL Bluetooth Speaker
22 chetna 3507 JBL Bluetooth Speaker
23 laxmibai 3501 JBL Bluetooth Speaker
24 pintuchaudhary 3500 JBL Bluetooth Speaker
25 pasanjeet 3498 JBL Bluetooth Speaker
26 amitsharma 3495 JBL Bluetooth Speaker
27 aravind 3490 JBL Bluetooth Speaker
28 vikram 3489 JBL Bluetooth Speaker
29 neeshu 3489 JBL Bluetooth Speaker
30 bhuvana 3487 JBL Bluetooth Speaker
31 nayna 3487 Sony Portable Speaker
32 tauseek 3481 Sony Portable Speaker
33 dinesh 3474 Sony Portable Speaker
34 sahna 3472 Sony Portable Speaker
35 laasya 3471 Sony Portable Speaker
36 harbilas 3469 Sony Portable Speaker
37 rahmat 3464 Sony Portable Speaker
38 mohdavaz 3457 Sony Portable Speaker
39 mohdmarukh 3457 Sony Portable Speaker
40 rajdut 3452 Sony Portable Speaker
41 rajarawat 3425 F&D 2.1 Home Theatre
42 nikhilchopra 3424 F&D 2.1 Home Theatre
43 munne 3417 F&D 2.1 Home Theatre
44 rajna 3414 F&D 2.1 Home Theatre
45 abhijeet 3405 F&D 2.1 Home Theatre
46 amit 3402 F&D 2.1 Home Theatre
47 shlender 3400 F&D 2.1 Home Theatre
48 amansaroj 3379 F&D 2.1 Home Theatre
49 sagarpandey 3377 F&D 2.1 Home Theatre
50 satya 3368 F&D 2.1 Home Theatre
51 sandy 3356 Infinity Head Phones
52 sahjad 2601 Infinity Head Phones
53 aash 2425 Infinity Head Phones
54 rajrani 2187 Infinity Head Phones
55 farana 2121 Infinity Head Phones
56 abdultony 2043 Infinity Head Phones
57 vinodkaushik 1898 Infinity Head Phones
58 salauddin 1885 Infinity Head Phones
59 jishant 1790 Infinity Head Phones
60 viplosardar 1784 Infinity Head Phones
61 prkesh 1750 Fastrack Watch
62 krishnal 1600 Fastrack Watch
63 sarmila 1532 Fastrack Watch
64 mishri lal 1500 Fastrack Watch
65 jai345 1473 Fastrack Watch
66 vikasggarwal 1415 Fastrack Watch
67 sumitchhouhan 1394 Fastrack Watch
68 ashokagrrwal 1354 Fastrack Watch
69 maseshsharma 1328 Fastrack Watch
70 ashokrai 1324 Fastrack Watch
71 sultansingh 1321 Mi Band
72 umlesh 1305 Mi Band
73 shyamchirag 1304 Mi Band
74 ANANTH 1301 Mi Band
75 mdrayiush 1297 Mi Band
76 monugambhir 1285 Mi Band
77 jagpatijha 1284 Mi Band
78 narendrasingh 1254 Mi Band
79 harshchawla 1254 Mi Band
80 shishpal 1239 Mi Band
81 rameshtony 1228 Rs.1750/-
82 shiv13 865 Rs.1750/-
83 dhram 863 Rs.1750/-
84 bhagwan5singh 852 Rs.1750/-
85 navnitgarg 824 Rs.1750/-
86 sintukumari 771 Rs.1750/-
87 vijayrajpoot 765 Rs.1750/-
88 nani21 632 Rs.1750/-
89 mohdkaim 607 Rs.1750/-
90 tullurisunny 587 Rs.1750/-
91 kmpoonam 574 Rs.1500/-
92 tejnaidu.kota 558 Rs.1500/-
93 prateekbahi 554 Rs.1500/-
94 deni 550 Rs.1500/-
95 Snehitha 550 Rs.1500/-
96 sujan 533 Rs.1500/-
97 samon 450 Rs.1500/-
98 bikram 410 Rs.1500/-
99 arifniyaz 402 Rs.1500/-
100 subodh 401 Rs.1500/-
Terms and Conditions:
  1. Prizes mentioned on the leaderboard cannot be exchanged or changed and it can’t be converted into cash prizes.
  2. Prizes may vary subject to the number of contestants joined in the leaderboard.
  3. Only players who are playing cash games are eligible for these leaderboards.
  4. Mister rummy has the right to withdraw the leaderboard at any time without any prior notice.
  5. In Daily Pataka Leaderboard, players cannot carry reward points the next day.
  6. If any of the players are having the same points, then the winner will be automatically decided by the system.
  7. To enter into the leaderboard, it is mandatory to make the minimum required mentioned deposit.
  8. In case of any technical error or issue, the leaderboard can be suspended until the issue is resolved.
  9. Standard Mister Rummy Terms and conditions are applied.


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