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Terms and Conditions of Rummy Game

It is important that you shall read the terms and conditions before you start using our site, www.misterrummy.com (Mister Rummy). Use of our site indicates that you accept the terms and conditions.

User Information

You shall be 18 or 18+ in order to be eligible to use our website, to play rummy on our site. Players from any part of India can play rummy on our site but we do not extend our services in states of Telangana, Assam, Nagaland, Odisha (as we adhere by the law).

You are required to register on our site before you use our site, before you take part in any of our cash and non-cash games, tournaments or contests. The information provided by you shall be correct and it shall not be misleading.

  • You agree you have required knowledge of rummy, skills needed to play rummy on our site. You agree you are competent enough to indulge in cash games, tournament and other contests which are held on our site. Mister Rummy is not responsible for any financial loss which might occur due to your unmatched or unsuitable skills or incompetence in playing rummy or playing as per the required rules of the games
  • Just mere participation in any game offered on our site doesn’t denote or imply that you are eligible for the prizes. In order to win the prizes, you are required to win as per the rules. Winning or losing the game depends solely on your skills.
  • You take responsibility of the information uploaded or transmitted by you on our site. Information uploaded by you shall be free from all incorrectness and it can be used, reproduce, distributed, published, edited, translated, marketed in any means as legally accepted by us, our advertising partners, associates etc.
  • Information you shall provide include but not just limited to your name, username, area, state / city / district / name, gender, introduction, picture, contact number, postal address email address, bank account information etc.
  • You shall notify us if the content uploaded by any other user is not fit for our site and if it contains wrong information or misleading. Or if it is regarded to be offensive or objectionable or indecent. Upon notification, we will take the required action. The action to keep it or to remove it is at the sole discretion of the Mister Rummy.
Free and Paid Games @ Mister Rummy
  • You can play rummy on our site, take part in tournaments, practice and cash games as provided through our site (collectively referred to as Games). You need to abide by the rules of each and every game before you participate.
  • In order to play CASH GAMES, you are required to have minimum amount of balance or cash balance in your user account. Charges are applicable only on Cash Games and not on other games which are non-cash (which are offered by Mister Rummy). You can play non-cash games as you may wish (even without having any cash amount in your user account).
  • Before you add cash to your user account it is important that you shall know all about the rules of the cash games. You shall know about the legality and other aspects involved in playing cash games on our site. If you are legally not competent to play then we request you not to register (as per the laws within your state). Participating in cash games from a state that is not allowed will be deemed as a violation of the terms and conditions and you may not be entitled to receive any cash from the games you may win.
  • You agree that the funds you will have in your user account on Mister rummy will be interest-free.
User Account Creation / Operations
  • You are required to register on our site to use our site. One user can create only one user account.
  • You agree you will not allow anyone or give responsibility to use your account to anyone. Your user account shall not be used by the multiple users.
  • You are required to select the login ID and chose the correct password.
  • Information you provide will include name, email id, postal address etc. during the time of registration.
  • You are required to verify the information you enter to register on our site.
  • Information that is not full or that is not correct will be deemed unfit.
  • We will verify the information you provide to us. Upon failure on verification from our end, your account will be suspended.
  • You are required to protect your account information and you shall not share it with anyone.
  • You shall use the account on our website solely for the purpose it is being made that is to play rummy. User of your account for any other purpose rather than stated in these terms and conditions may lead to termination of your account and may also lead to forfeiture of bonuses, prizes you must have won.
  • You agree you cannot transfer any sum from your user account to user account of any other player (but can do so only if you are permitted by Mister Rummy and it is also subjected to restrictions as imposed by the Mister Rummy).
  • You shall agree that the deposits which you maintain in your user account is solely for the purpose of playing the games offered on our site and not for any other purpose.
  • 30% of TDS will be levied on winning above 10,000 rupees in a single game. But, if you provide PAN then the amount after deduction of TDS will be directly credited to your withdrawal account (Upon providing your PAN number, you can easily withdraw this amount that has been deducted).
  • Mister Rummy reserves the right to verify the PAN Card information as provided by you or may cancel the win if it is not true.
Beta Test

Welcome to the online beta of MISTER RUMMY (the "Game"). MISTER RUMMY offers you access to play the game version through a Beta Test program ("Beta Program") to allow a limited number of people to test the game's features, capabilities and performance and provide feedback to MISTER RUMMY. By using the Game, you portray that you have read, understood and agree to the Agreement in its entirety, including the Privacy Policy, (or your parent or legal guardian on your behalf if you are a minor). If you do not agree with any of the Agreement, including the Privacy Policy, or if you are a minor, your parent(s) or legal guardian(s), kindly do not use or access the Game.


When playing the Game, you may accumulate earned points, gamer points, or other value or status indicators and items acquired by such points, all of which are non-refundable, non-tradable. You acknowledge and agree that MISTER RUMMY reserves the right to add, remove or reset any such points, or other data at any time during the testing process (without any notice to you), and such items may be reset when the Game completes the Beta Program. In this case, all player history and data will be erased and each player will return to novice status at the end of the Beta Program.

By playing the Game, you agree that:
  • MISTER RUMMY does not provide you with any hardware to run the Game ;
  • playing the Game is at your own risk and you know that the Game may contain known or unknown bugs ;
  • any value or status indicators that you achieve through game play may be erased at any time ;
  • MISTER RUMMY has no obligation to make the Game available to play for any period of time without charge.
  • You shall not use the Game or Materials for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited under this Agreement.
  • Under any circumstances, beta program accounts are not transferable. You may not share data about your login or access with anyone.

We are not liable or liable for any diseases or contamination of your system or for any delays, inaccuracies, mistakes or omissions resulting from your use of the Game or the data and material contained in the Game. You are responsible for the complete risk of the quality, accuracy, adequacy, completeness, accuracy and validity of any material.

Account Validation

The information you provide will be verified by Mister Rummy. It will be done through phone call or email. We may attempt to contact you once, twice or even thrice but in case, we are not being able to reach you on your given number or email id, we will hold your account in partially active mode. Only after complete verification of the information provided by you, the account will be fully activated. Users with accounts which are not successfully verified will be disallowed from logging into the site, participating in the cash games, adding cash to the account etc.

But, in case, after several attempts, the account by you or the information provided by you is not verified, we reserve the right to cancel or suspend the account temporary or delete it permanently over a period of time.

The amount you must have transferred to your user account by cheque or by any source of payment gateway will be refunded to you. For any legal disputes, you can reach our support team as well (Please, take a note of it that Mister Rummy will not make any additional attempts for delivery of the cheque if the address is incorrect or will charge for redelivery as needed).

Ethical Use Of Your Account
Anti-Cheating Policy

You agree that you will play the game following all the rules (You agree to play the game fairly).

You will not indulge in cheating in any form while playing the game.

Money Laundering

You shall not take part in any activity that is considered money laundering - losing the game intentionally or withdrawing money from utilized funds (through credit card) etc.

Anti- spamming

You shall not indulge in spamming unregistered and unknown numbers in order to make use of offers or bonus services or any other benefits offered through our site.

No Multiple IDs

You agree that will have only one single ID and that you will not have multiple accounts.

User Behavior

You agree you will not provide or transmit any information that is incorrect, obscene, defamatory, intimidating, harassing or illegal or invasive of our privacy (information that may contain expression of hatred, racial differences, pornography etc.). Such information provided by you will invite cancellation of the account or may further lead to legal proceedings. You shall not use our site for any commercial purpose which include but not just limited to use of our site in a cyber cafe as a computer gaming center. You shall not attempt to make changes in the site by use of any software, transfer, upload, attach any kind of malware to the site or which may disturb the user experience of our users, disturb the functionality of the site in any form (as defined in the Information Technology Act 2000). You shall not indulge in any fraudulent activities such as attempting to steal credit card information of any user, attempting to hack any user account, extracting user account details etc.

Withdrawal policy

Mister Rummy offers you instant withdrawal to your PAYTM or bank account. You can withdraw your amount in one day by making use of immediate withdrawal. Please note that you can only withdraw one day, including both methods (IMPS and NEFT)


The required documents must be uploaded to process the withdrawal, and your KYC must be verified. Documents for safety standards are mandatory. If your profile is incomplete and your If KYC has not verified, you will not be eligible to withdraw. Your ID Address proof is required.

  • Id Proof: Pan Card * (clear photo, address and DOB)
  • Address Proof: Driving License, Aadhar Card, Voter ID (clear photo, address and DOB)

Two methods of withdrawal are available: IMPS (Instant) and NEFT. To request a withdrawal, open your app or mister rummy website, log in and go to My Account, click on withdrawal and select the withdrawal method. If you select PAYTM, you must enter the amount (minimum 200), your name and mobile number (linked to PAYTM). And if you are using a bank account, enter the account number, name, IFSC code and enter the amount.

  1. IMPS(Instant): You can use this method to withdraw your winnings directly from your PAYTM or bank account. By using PAYTM, you can withdraw aminimum of Rs200/-and a maximum of Rs 5000/in your account and 2,5% of the service charge applies to withdrawals made by PAYTM. You can also withdraw your winnings in your bank account, the minimum amount is Rs 200, and the maximum is Rs 50000. If you opt for a bank transfer and your withdrawal is less than 10000/-, 1% of the service charge applies and if it is more than 10000/-2% of the service charge applies. It will be processed within 2 hours (working and non-working days) throughout the year; sometimes, it may be delayed due to security issues.
  2. NEFT: You can withdraw your winnings without any service charge by using NEFT. You can withdraw the minimum amount of Rs 200, and the maximum of Rs. 50,000/-. It will take four to five working days for the withdrawal request to be processed. It will take time for a bank transfer to monitor accounts, games and multiple accounts.

There are some restrictions on withdrawal to prevent money laundering. It is mandatory for the players to play with the money they have deposited before applying for withdrawal. Withdrawal can not be processed on a deposit account. If you have any problems while withdrawing, you can contact us by email- support@misterrummy.com or call us at 8448448589.

If your winning amount is equal to or greater than 10000/- in any single game, more than 30.03% of TDS will be deducted from the net winning amount (winning-your investment). Players will receive a TDS certificate at the end of the year and can use it to file their Income Tax Returns.

Winnings through the bonus, referral, the promotional offer can not be processed under Withdrawal, however, you can use them to play cash games. If you do not want to withdraw and wish to cancel your withdrawal request, there is an option. You can reverse your request from my account, or you can contact us directly.