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Indian rummy
Share the invitation link via e-mail or social media.
Indian rummy
Your buddy has to register in Mister Rummy using your referral link
Indian rummy
You will earn 20% deposit bonus up to Rs 500 in cash account made by your friend & your friend will get a 150 deposit bonus.

You can now receive bonus from inviting your friends to join Mister Rummy family. That simple! The bring a buddy bonus works as follows:

For example, if you bring a buddy who initially deposits Rs. 1000 in his account, you will be credited with the same amount in your bonus account. If your friend continues to deposit Rs. 1000 after the primary deposit, your deposit account will be credited with Rs. 100. You will receive the amount of Rs. 2000 in total through this bonus program. You can refer more friends to earn more bonuses.

  1. Invite a friend to install and register in the Mister Rummy app.
  2. Once they register and deposit a certain amount, your bonus account will be credited with the same amount.
  3. Every time they play for Rs.500, your deposit account will be credited with Rs.100.
  4. You will continue to receive bring a buddy bonus until you have accumulated Rs.2000 in your deposit account.This Rs.2000 is divided into two parts. Firstly, when the friend deposits Rs.1000 or more for the first time, you will receive Rs.1000. Next, when he/she plays for Rs.500, you will be credited with Rs.100, until it accumulates to Rs.1000.
  5. You can continue receiving more bonus by inviting more friends.
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Terms and Conditions:
  1. The bring a buddy bonus plan is effective only if the said friend is eligible to play the game.
  2. It is the person’s responsibility to read through the instructions and accept to our terms and conditions.
  3. Sending the bring a buddy link to unknown numbers will be considered as spam and the bonus will not be availed by the user.
  4. The bonus is valid only if the friend uses the referral link sent by the player.
  5. A player shall not use multiple emails to avail more bonuses.