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Do's and Don'ts

14-06-2019 04:14 PM

There are certain Do’s and Don’ts that a player must know of while playing rummy. These are what make Rummy exciting and challenging to play. 

  1. Form a sequence at the very beginning of the game. You will need a pure sequence to win the game. Start making it.
  2. Use the wild joker when you deem it as the right time. Make an impure sequence using the wild joker.
  3. Arrange your cards in accordance with color and suit to make it easier for yourself.
  4. Be observant and pay close attention to the cards your opponent is discarding. It might be of value to you. It might also give you an idea as to what sequence they are aiming at.
  5. Discard cards of high value unless they are of immediate use to you. Also make sure that the cards you discard won’t be of help to your opponents.
  6. If you are new to online rummy, play practice games for free at Mister Rummy to ensure you don’t lose money until you are confident in your skill.
  7. Be stable and calm. Being emotional and aggressive during the game won’t help you. Play with a calm and collective mind.
  8. Check twice before you make a show. Make sure you make a valid and legit declaration. 


  1. Don’t put off making a pure sequence until the very end. Don’t be overconfident about making a pure sequence. It might take longer than you might think.
  2. Don’t form pure sequences with jokers. It would be a terrible waste. Use wild jokers to make other sequences.
  3. Don’t be clumsy. It might make it harder for you to realize that you have the card you need.
  4. Don’t be distracted. It will only make you lose the upper hand in the game. Don’t continue playing a game that you know you are about to lose. Come back later with a fresh and motivated mind.
  5. Don’t retain cards of high value in hopes of making a sequence later on in the game. That would be a grave mistake. You will only lose a lot more points.
  6. Don’t lose money unnecessarily. Play smart. Proper experience and planning is required to play rummy.
  7. An unstable mind is only an advantage to your opponents. When you can’t think straight, you can’t decide strategically. You will end up losing.
  8. Don’t remember the basics of Rummy. Stick with the basic rules to win the game of rummy. 

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