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Mister Rummy is the brainchild of the parent company Mister Games. Indian Rummy has its presence since ages and to support this we have our ancient epic books narrating the stories' marking the existence of rummy. Mister Rummy was conceived with an ideology to inherit our ancient Indian rummy to the future generation by giving them a 100% safe and secure gaming platform. We have used the best technology to transform rummy from offline to online. Encouraging every passionate player to enjoy their favourite game under a single hub around the clock without any hindrance.

Mister Rummy is the best choice to experience Indian rummy with a world-class gaming facility with the blend of attractive bonus plans, free ultimate rummy games, top-notched rewards, etc. To make the game even more exhilarating rummy tournaments and game variation such as Pool rummy, Points rummy and deal rummy are introduced to the players. You are just a click away from Experiencing the unlimited Entertainment and excitement. Register to Mister Rummy and fasten your seat belts to travel to the world of amazing online games.

Our Motto -

Our main motto behind operating Mister Rummy games is to treasure our ancient Indian game to the future and also to provide the online players a trusted portal to enjoy playing Indian rummy games in a completely safe and secure environment, without any fear of getting double-crossed. – use any alternate simple word.


Mister Rummy team expertise such as Analysts, Game Strategists, Developers, and other professionals are working continuously to ensure the game runs efficiently 24/7, without any interruption in the service. Our team has created a user friendly gaming portal by facilitating the players to play rummy from their preferred choice of devices such as laptops or mobiles at their own comfort. In the limited time we have reached the hearts of over a millions of players by providing outstanding service round the clock throughout the year. Talented and creative minds are most welcomed to join us register online by sending your resumes, as your uniqueness can nurture into many sparkling ideas.

Why Rummy and Why Not Other Games?

On conducting a comparative study about the ancient Indian games and its popularity, INDIAN RUMMY has secured the topmost position by giving a stiff competition to other new-generation online games. Before online rummy was introduced, People had to wait for the special occasions and family gatherings to play rummy. Mister Rummy has put in a seamless effort in building a constructive gaming portal for all by giving access to rummy online games. Now passionate players can enjoy playing rummy online 24/7, instantaneously without waiting for a special occasion or reason to play rummy.

Well planned Offer and Rewards – Easy to Access

Mister rummy team has made the game sophisticated with well-planned offers and rewards aligned under a single tab. The Players are given easy access to explore the offers with just a click. All the offers details are elaborated along with terms and conditions confined to a particular offer. Mister Rummy is one destination for all the rummy lovers to experience the game with thrill and ultimate excitement. Explore the overview of our Promotional Offers, Leaderboards and Rewards listed below.

Welcome Bonus Offer -

It is the biggest bonus offer given to the registered players, in which they get a complete 120% return on their first deposit. The offer gets activated only on applying the code “MISTER120”. Register and get introduced to the world of online Indian rummy and don’t miss a chance to avail the most welcoming bonus offer on your first deposit.

Bring A Buddy -

It is an amazing chance for the registered players to win bonus and cash amount on referring a friend or a group of friends to Mister Rummy. It gives mutual benefit for both the players and their referred friends. The offer gets valid only if the referred friend deposits amount into their user account. Refer more and Win More.

Leader Boards -

Mister Rummy Leaderboard runs throughout the year in the form of weekly and monthly contests. Leaderboard contests allow the players to win magnanimous rewards for displaying their finest rummy skills. Many players prefer to play leaderboards, as it gives them a chance to win their dream rewards in very limited time.

Bonus Offers -

A game without bonus becomes incomplete, on knowing the player's mindset, we have a well-planned bonus offer plans confine to a particular month and also in a week on symbolizing the importance of special days and occasions. Now Play Indian rummy online and grab unlimited bonus and cash only at Mister Rummy.


The online gaming business can be successful only when a strong bond of trust is established between the service provider and the end-users. There is always a hidden fear while exploring or venturing into the new processes. It is quite obvious with all of us but once you master the art, it is an unedited achievement.

Indian rummy is defamed by spreading false allegations even before experiencing the actual game. This kind of misconceptions, drifts apart the passionate player’s interest towards the game. As a smart online player choosing the right platform to begin the game is very important. Mister Rummy has won millions of players' trust by giving them the ultimate online gaming portal, along with crystal clear gaming policies.

We have set up transparent gaming policies and guidelines in simple terms which are easy to understand. All the registered players are encouraged to practice and understand the game with multiple variations by availing our 24/7 free online gaming facility before taking cash game challenges. Now enjoy the purest form of Indian Rummy, free from all the gimmicks and manipulations only at Mister Rummy.

Fair Game Policy -

Mister Rummy has taken a great effort in restoring our Indian rummy to the future, along with it the authenticity of the game is treasured by maintaining a fair game policy throughout the gaming process.

We ensure the genuine online players enjoy their favourite game without any interruption. The latest technology is used to track and identify, the fraudsters' activities and immediate action is taken against such players by terminating their accounts from availing any of our services.

Mister Rummy Games Strictly Adhere to the Rule Book -

The government of India has declared playing Indian rummy online is 100% legal. Thus the players can enjoy Online Indian Rummy in a complete authentic environment without any discomfort. Mister Rummy's terms are structured according to government rules and regulations. The players can decide to take up free games or cash games without any compulsion.

As per the government rules, the online player's age must be 18+ to avail rummy cash game services. Any players forbidding the rules to get access to our services are punishable as per the judiciary rules and their accounts will be terminated permanently.

Safe & Secure Transaction Polices -

  • Any information shared by the players on Mister Rummy, during the process of deposit and withdrawal is completely safe and secure.
  • As a responsible player never share your account details and password to none. – anyone.
  • Mister Rummy's instant withdrawal allows the player to get access to the winning amount immediately on owning verified KYC account.
  • To avoid getting entangled in fraudster activities, we request our registered player, not to click on any third party links popping on our blogs or on other Mister Rummy service portals.

Best Customer Care Support -

The game that operates 24/7 also requires well-trained customer care support to handle the queries on priority. Mister Rummy's customer care team handles the issues professionally by following the set protocol and comes out with the best possible solution.

We welcome the players to register to at Mister Rummy -

India’s topmost site offering the purest form of Indian Rummy. The Players are pampered with the highest rewards and amazing promotional offer non-stop. Try the best and capture the most amazing moments to rest of your life.