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Register with us for FREE and start your trip to play internet rummy. Mister Rummy is one of India's finest internet rummy websites. In our world-class Indian rummy portal, put your rummy abilities to use and win true money awards.

Classic Indian Rummy

Classic Indian Rummy Game is all best with all complexities, but for the sharp minds, it is a piece of cake. Match your wits with other online rummy players across India by being a part of this Classic Indian Rummy at Mister Rummy online.

Great Rummy Experience

Assuring you one of the best, out-of-the-world experiences. You will be delighted to have finally taken part in ultimate rummy online, which equally challenges your rummy skills while providing the most excitingly wonderful experience of playing online rummy.

100% Safe and Secure

Mister Rummy is always at the forefront when it comes to safe play. As an online rummy player, you will have peace of mind that there will be no kind of alternation in the rummy game you are a part of the latest technology. It is used to ensure a safe and secure play.

100% Fair Play

Will wondering ultimate rummy online be fair? Well, yes, it would 100% be because, at Mister Rummy, we give utmost importance to the same, allow rummy online players across India and other countries to have a seamless experience of online rummy games.

Deposit and Instant withdrawal

You do not have to worry anything concerning cash deposit or withdrawal as we give convenience you are on the lookout for as ultimate rummy online player at Mister Rummy. You can deposit cash into your user account anytime you would like to and withdraw as per your convenience.

Incredibly Great Rewards, Offers and Bonuses

Mister Rummy online brings to you exciting offers, bonuses, rewards so that you enjoy your time playing the rummy online and get benefited immensely. We run tournaments, contests with great cash prizes and offers which you will surely find challenging to hold yourself away from the rummy game.


Practice Play Win

Mister Rummy is a new generation, rummy gaming platform for the rummy lovers. We are giving the launch offer Giveaway prizes worth Rs 30,000/- to our players. You can check your win counts under leaderboard section.

Want to know how you can win it, its simple – “Just play free practice games, and win . Your every win will count and if you make it to top 300 in leaderboard you will prizes worth Rs. 30,000”.

PLAY MORE WIN MORE, Keep Practicing until you win.

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Thank you mister rummy For the mobile which I have won in practice games...Today I am so happy that I won it. Thank you mister rummy for providing an excellent platform for online rummy.

- Rakesh Reddy

Hi..i am very happy to be winning the prize. It was really fabulous to win prizes on this site. I really appreciate the genuineness of the site..thanks for this 10days experience and wishing mister rummy and all its members a great future ahead. thank u.​

- Siri (mister1929)​

I have found my true calling! I’m waiting to play the full version where I get to earn some quick bucks! The app is super user-friendly and seems to be a genuine platform to play daily. So happy to have won the prize, it'll be useful for my upcoming travel.​

- Sandeep(sandy)​

Seriously I am not a good player of online rummy but Mister Rummy changed my focus to online gaming. It's user-friendly and eagerly waiting for the cash games to play.​

- Sai Kishore (Sai Kishore)​

I would just like to tell that I totally enjoyed playing at Mister Rummy. My experience so far has been fantastic. Mister rummy App for Android is fantastic, Thanks for the mister rummy team for gifting me Sennheiser head set and also providing a great rummy platform for the rummy lovers​ ​

- Sitharamaiah Yedupat (sitharamaiah.yedupat)​
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Mister Rummy Online

Mister Rummy is the first game launched by Mister games. Rediscover new standards of gaming. Mister Rummy is meticulously designed and crafted to suit your taste. If you love ultimate rummy and can't get your friends to play at any time of the day, you've come to the right place. Mister Rummy game provides a 24x7 service to our users. Mister Rummy solely focuses on providing the best gaming experience there is, to minimize the line between online and offline ultimate rummy. Play with your computerized partner and earn real money. Register now!

Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy online mostly played by two- 52 card decks with 4jokers (wild card joker). It mostly played between 2 to 6 players, and each player will get 13 cards to deal in a rummy game. Indian Rummy is also known as Paplu. It is original card rummy; Indian Rummy is a combination of Rummy500 and Gin Rummy. Rules of Indian Rummy: Every player has to draw a card from open or closed deck and discard cards on their turn until any of the players melds or show his / her cards with legit sets concerning rummy's rules. The cards are dealt with each player by turn (in clockwise order). Indian Rummy game is both exciting and challenging. It needs skill, memory usage, and full concentrate and participation in the game.

Safe Play

Mister Rummy online ensured safe, rummy online gameplay to its users. The information that you entrust with us is carefully protected and not used for any purpose not mentioned in the privacy policy. Do not be afraid of fraudulent practices and play the game. The safety of your personal data is guaranteed. The information you provide will only help us maximize your satisfaction.